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Sam from Trick or Treat movie cosplay in Hilton Anatole Lobby

A cosplayer was dressed as Sam the character from the Trick or Treat movie.

Young gamers father and daughter on the showfloor of Quakecon

This gamer attendee to Quakecon brought his daughter with him. Never too early to start an education in video games !

Yellow glowing PC mod on the BYOC at Quakecon

A Quakecon inspired PC mod with glowing yellow lights at the BYOC.

Wolfenstein guy with Tesla gun cosplay at Quakecon 2015

This attendee to Quakecon was wearing a costume inspired by the Wolfenstein series of video games.

Tiger direct booth with Oculus Rift demo on PC

The Tiger Direct Booth was having a demo of Elite Dangerous on the Oculus Rift.

Three vault dwellers cosplay in front of Mr Handy Showfloor Quakecon 2015

This group of attendees to the Quakecon decided to wear a similar costume themed after the Fallout series of video games.

Three gamers with red shirt and Fallout mask outdoor at Quakecon

Met those friendly guys outside of the Hilton Anatole near the food court.

Team Fortress 2 sentry PC mod at BYOC

One of these two impressive PC mods was a Team Fortress 2 inspired Sentry with a fully functional PC inside.

Team fortress 2 cosplay by team of gamers at Quakecon

This group of gamers was dressed as a team from Team Fortress 2.

Steam punk PC mod with copper BYOC Quakecon

A PC mod in the BYOC area of Quakecon. Steam punk themed with copper paint and accessories.

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