If you go down a little bit south of the bay area, there's the harbor city of Monterey, the touristic city of Carmel (once famous for the artists residing there) and the natural preserve of Point Lobos. See more

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  • Best looking sunset at Point Lobos
  • Blinding light, Point Lobos
  • Chaotic sunset at Point Lobos
  • Earth, water and air at Point Lobos
  • Geyser at Point Lobos, California
  • God rays at Point Lobos
  • Jellyfish at Monterey bay aquarium
  • Otters chatting in Monterey
  • Pelican resting in Monterey
  • Pink clouds in Point Lobos
  • Serenity, sunset at Point Lobos
  • Single otter swimming on its back
  • Sun fish in the Aquarium
  • Sunset firing up at Point Lobos
  • Path to the sunset at Point Lobos