Pax South 2016 in San Antonio Texas

PAX is the Penny Arcade Expo. The PAX South version was organized for the second year in San Antonio, Texas, near the Alamo.

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  • Keyboards and monitors lit up in the PC Gaming area of PAX South
  • Cats of Pax South
  • Players at the console area at the Penny Arcade Expo
  • Booth of Dead Star a Capture the flag game with space ships
  • Dreadnought the game on the big screen at PAX South
  • Gordon Bellamy at Queering up Misconceptions: LGBT Game Industry Life Panel
  • Haunted Halloween 85 a NES game at Pax South 2016
  • A man in Fursuit at the Houston Gaymer PAX Preparty in San Antonio
  • Jerry Holkins aka Tycho Brahe of Penny Arcade outside the San Antonio Convention Center
  • Booth of the developer of Knee Deep an adventure game in PAX South 2016
  • Panel for the announcement of Loot Gaming by Loot Crate
  • Question and Answer by Tycho and Gabe on the main stage at PAX South 2016
  • Party Hard murdering game on laptop during Indies need Booze party
  • Players at the board game meetup pre PAX South 2016
  • Players at the board game meetup pre PAX South 2016 002
  • Members of the Dropped Frames podcast talking about their experience streaming
  • Old school gameplay Jet Grind Radeo on Dreamcast at the PAX South 2016
  • San Antonio Riverwalk at night near PAX South 2016
  • Penny Arcade Expo Questions and Answers Crowd
  • Rogue Stormers Booth on showfloor of PAX South 2016
  • Booth of Tiny Build an Indie Publisher on the show floor of PAX South 2016
  • Crazy indie Dev playing Towerfall Ascension at Indies Need Booze party
  • Booth of Twitch on the showfloor of PAX South 2016
  • Booth of Virzoom a VR peripheral at PAX south 2016