Returning to the annual convention of id Software (makers of Doom, Quake and so on) and mostly PC gaming fans.

  • Team fortress 2 cosplay by team of gamers at Quakecon
  • Doom Baron of Hell big gun cosplay on Quakecon 2015 showfloor
  • Black dinosaur Kigurumi with gamer fan inside it
  • Portrait of Brad Bramlett - Multiplayer producer at id Software
  • Crowd clamoring for goodies on the Quakecon 2015 showfloor
  • Dallas Pets Alive charity with friendly dog on Quakecon showfloor
  • Doom 4 multiplayer big screen on the Quakecon showfloor
  • Fallout 4 presentation audience lit with phones
  • Final Party event of Quakecon 2015 on the Ventrilo Stage
  • Gameboy PC mod playing Minecraft at Quakecon BYOC event
  • Focused on the game - gamer at Quakecon BYOC
  • Couple of gamers waiting outside the Hilton Anatole at Quakecon
  • Gamers with child at the Quakecon BYOC lit by monitors
  • Gamers playing in front of light arch - Quakecon BYOC
  • Baby looking at real life statue of Doom revenant on the Quakecon showfloor
  • Ghostbusters themed cosplay and PC mod in proton pack at Quakecon
  • Heineken shirt gamer with monitor light on BYOC
  • Hey Zelda shirt wearing gamers on Quakecon showfloor
  • Hilton Anatole Atrium lights
  • Hilton Anatole view at sunset
  • Hitman cosplayer on the outdoor food court of Quakecon
  • House of Blues in Downton Dallas
  • Hugo Martin Art director at id Software at Quakecon
  • Quakecon attendee with Jurassic Park shirt and Gear VR demo
  • Kick Ass costume on the lobby of the Hilton Anatole
  • Krosmaster Arena from Ankama in Table Top Village at Quakecon
  • Quakecon attendee wearing Lady Deadpool Costume
  • Lili Bitmonster cosplay by attendee at Quakecon 2015
  • Logante cosplay by Star Citizen employee at Quakecon 2015
  • Marines gamers attending Quakecon 2015
  • Master pancake audience waiting for the start of the show
  • Misty or Kasumi from Pokemon cosplay by gamer attendee of Quakecon
  • Mr Handy robot of Fallout 4 animatronics on Quakecon showfloor
  • Necrovirus 3D printed figurines and tactical board game concept at Quakecon
  • Neuba owns Quakecon Page in the Hilton Anatole Lobby
  • Nvidia SLI with PC glowing red at BYOC Quakecon 2015
  • Gamers with Panda Dress at Quakecon 2015
  • Couple gamers in a Payday cosplay at Quakecon
  • People are facing a light structure in the BYOC at Quakecon
  • Gamer at Quakecon with pink hair and pink skirt
  • The Stig Topgear costume at Quakecon 2015
  • Resident evil Umbrella corp and Jill Valentine cosplayers at Quakecon
  • Robert Duffy Chief tech officer of id Software at Quakecon
  • Room full of PCs lit with monitors at the BYOC LAN Party of Quakecon
  • Room of gamers playing RPGs and board games Quakecon
  • Row of PC Gamers lit by monitors in BYOC area of Quakecon
  • Solaire of Astora Baron of Hell cosplay in the Hilton Lobby at Quakecon
  • Steam punk PC mod with copper BYOC Quakecon
  • Team Fortress 2 sentry PC mod at BYOC
  • Three gamers with red shirt and Fallout mask outdoor at Quakecon
  • Three vault dwellers cosplay in front of Mr Handy Showfloor Quakecon 2015
  • Tiger direct booth with Oculus Rift demo on PC
  • Wolfenstein guy with Tesla gun cosplay at Quakecon 2015
  • Yellow glowing PC mod on the BYOC at Quakecon
  • Young gamers father and daughter on the showfloor of Quakecon
  • Sam from Trick or Treat movie cosplay in Hilton Anatole Lobby

This is the first edition that I attended without John Carmack presenting his technical keynote.

The main draws of the event this year were Fallout 4 that is coming out in November 2015 and a Doom 4 multiplayer demo available to all attendees.

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