Quakecon is the annual gathering of id Software fans and, as of recently, of Bethesda/Zenimax fans as well.

It took place in the Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas though it will move next year to a different location after many years of being there.

  • Dennis Thresh Fong is accepted in the eSport League Hall of Fame
  • Arkane Studio Heads Raphael Colantonio Harvey Smith
  • Art of Doom Panel Shinichiro Hara Jerry Keehan Hugo Martin Adam Sessler
  • Beard interview Showfloor Quakecon
  • Colorful LAN Party at the Quakecon BYOC
  • Case mods competition at the Quakecon Finals
  • Voice actors for Borderlands Angel and Claptrap
  • Voice actors for Borderlands Angel and Claptrap
  • Entering the Virtual Reality with a Doom Demo on HTC Vive
  • Cosplay of the Doom Welder Zombie
  • Demo of the Elder Scrolls Legends card game on Quakecon showfloor
  • Throwing TShirts at the Quakecon Finals
  • Two Quakecon cosplayers are Hanzo and DVA from the Overwatch game
  • Cool time on the grass of the Hilton Anatole garden
  • View of the lobby of the Hilton Anatole
  • Bag check at the entrance of the showfloor BYOC area of Quakecon
  • Quakecon hotdog costume
  • idTech6 panel Uncapped with Tiago Sousa Billy Khan Shale Williams of id Software
  • Kitty Darko plays the Doom Guy at Quakecon
  • Arched colored lights at the Quakecon BYOC
  • Lapdog demo with mouse keyboard on sofa
  • Full armour with brigandine gambeson and metal plates
  • Insane case mod Nick Valentine of Fallout
  • Payday Wolf mask and Harley Quinn cosplayers
  • Won some cool goodies from the PC Perspective Panel
  • Pokemon Go players are active on the Hilton Anatole play ground
  • Quakecon Attendee Jay
  • Quakecon Attendee Liam
  • Batman dress in front of the Doom logo
  • Playing the classic Doom game at the Quakecon BYOC
  • Silhouettes on the Quakecon Finals stage
  • Quakecon Ventrilo Stage
  • Red arch at the Entrance of the 2Q16 Quakecon
  • Red dress on the Quakecon showfloor
  • Rows of computers at the BYOC LAN Party at Quakecon
  • Scout cosplay from the Team Fortress 2 cosplay
  • Shadow trooper with light saber Quakecon cosplay
  • Portrait of Shinichiro Hara Animation Director at id Software
  • Skull and Roses dress player at Quakecon Booth
  • Sora with OathKeeper from Kingdom Hearts Chell with Portal Gun cosplayers
  • Tiago Sousa is the Lead Rendering Engineer at id Software
  • Tim Willits is the Studio Director at id Software
  • Entrance to the Trinity Ballroom showfloor area of Quakecon 2016
  • Water cooled open case mod with SLI graphics cards

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